Sri Lanka - 64 Unit Apartment Housing – Plan and Design

Sri Lanka - 64 Unit Apartment Housing – Plan and Design

The December 2004, a tsunami struck Sri Lanka leaving over 35,000 people dead, and 500,000 people displaced.  Many homes and schools were destroyed, leaving many coastal communities in need of support, including Moratuwa on the west coast. The following year the government banned construction in coastal zones, and resettled coastal families in refugee camps.  In 2005, the government provided land to charitable organizations to build apartments for these displaced families.

BWB Involvement

BWB partnered with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and the Community Concern Society of Sri Lanka during the planning, design and construction stage of the 64-unit apartment housing project.  This was the first phase of 200 apartments that would provide homes for displaced Sri Lankan families.  BWB undertook the initial needs assessment and the coordination of the public and charitable partners. In particular, BWB experienced engineers coordinated the design and installation of government sewer, water and power services as well as established financial controls for the twelve months of design and construction (Pictured: Engineer, Bob Unger).

Our Impact

With BWB’s assistance during the first stage 64-unit apartment housing project, the structure and process of government approvals was laid out for the successful completion of the full 200 apartments.  As a result, many displaced Sri Lankan families were provided with safe and comfortable homes.