Where We Work

Builders Without Borders works both internationally and locally in Canada.  Since its inception, we have participated in over fifty projects in over twelve countries including Turkey, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Algeria, Ghana, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti and Canada. 

The map below indicates locations of BWB projects throughout the world. Please see our Current Projects and highlighted Completed Projects pages for more information.

Builders Without Borders always works with local and international partners and builds and maintains relationships with these partnering organizations. We are ready to offer volunteer services to various construction projects in partnership and support of our vision and mission statements.

Our project management and construction expertise are tailored to complement local architecture, site community planning, geotechnical considerations as well as building skills and materials available. We make our greatest contribution with involvement at the preliminary design stage of a construction project, by specifying design standards and building systems that are better able to withstand seismic and other cataclysmic events.

BWB advises, or provides a lead, on the Project Management process, to complete a project. We may also assist an organization to engage a ‘Design Team’ of local professionals supplemented, where necessary, by specific BWB expertise to undertake building design, construction drawings, budget, scheduling and construction contracts.

Throughout the duration of our projects, BWB volunteers support and train local people (Exchange of Knowledge) in skills required for the construction and maintenance of the project structures. This provides opportunities for local contractors and trades to learn new construction skills and safer building systems, creating new employment opportunities in their communities. The result is improvements in local construction practices and increased knowledge and capacity in the local construction industry.

By remaining attentive to a project from inception to completion, we also ensure that construction quality, financial controls, and audits adhere to the highest standards and funds and resources are used wisely and cost-effectively. Where appropriate, we will also organize post-project services such as follow-up training support to the project; e.g. follow up training support from Canada to an educational facility, or provide assistance to post-graduate students on forming work cooperatives.