Join Builders Without Borders to help improve living conditions of vulnerable populations.  From architectural planning, designing and construction of mother and children centres and medical clinics to post-disaster seismic building inspections. Capacity building and skills development in the communities is at the heart of every project.  With such a diverse range of projects, BWB can offer a wide variety of opportunities – each with a humanitarian focus.

Five Reasons to Partner with BWB

Give Back: We live in a world where many vulnerable populations do not have access to safe housing and community facilities. Being a member of Builders Without Borders gives you the opportunity to give back and support a humanitarian construction project.

Motivate Staff: Engage and give your staff the opportunity to give back to vulnerable populations around the world and educate and motivate project beneficiaries. Build your employees appreciation for humanitarian construction needs, and your company or organization’s pride and satisfaction in delivering much-needed projects.

Strengthen Publicity: Sponsoring Builders Without Borders and volunteering your company or organization’s time and people are great ways to raise awareness about local and global humanitarian construction causes, as well as to promote your business in partnership with us.  Get recognition on BWB’s web site and spread the word through your own social media, sharing photos and stories to generate press for your business and the projects you support.

Gain Customer Support: Giving back to vulnerable communities both at home and abroad will help you build stronger relationships with your current customers, and possibly gain new ones.  Clients and customers are increasingly interested in knowing their contributions support a worthy cause. Giving a regular portion of your profit or resources to a good cause like BWB or supporting through volunteering is a great way to rally the support of your customer base.

Tax Deductions: By supporting Builders Without Borders, your business benefits by receiving a charitable donation Canadian tax deduction.  Donations that are tax-deductible include sponsorships for events, donations of resources or services and cash donations. You may also be able to claim your charitable contributions and some volunteering expenses on your income tax.


There are many different ways you can make a difference and assist Builders Without Borders in its mission to improve living conditions of vulnerable populations throughout the world.  Whether or not your company or organization has worked with us before, we will work together to make it easy for you to get involved.

Ways your company or organization can support

  1. Sponsor BWB
  2. Give money on a one-time or reoccurring basis
  3. Mobilize networks to raise awareness and funds of support
  4. Engage employees and encourage them to volunteer
  5. Lend expertise and manpower to one of our exciting projects
  6. Donate construction equipment, building materials and shipping services
  7. Provide other in-house support services