BCIT Blockwork Testing Meter Project


Builders Without Borders (BWB) has long been working with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in development of a non-destructive device that quickly, accurately, and reliably provides a “Go / No Go” decision on the strength of a concrete block before it is used for construction.

In Haiti, like most developing countries around the world, builders use blocks fabricated in-country and sold through local roadside stores. These blocks are usually of very poor quality and very destructive when used in homes and community buildings which are exposed to seismic events.

Significant progress has recently been achieved in development of the device which will operate in sync with a cellphone, either iPhone or Android, and we are currently considering a field-testing trip to Haiti.

With recent successful developments in the device, BCIT has offered the technology to a spun-off private company, SoundQA Solutions Inc., which will develop the device for commercial use.

SoundQA Solution Inc. is generously working with BWB in supporting humanitarian objectives in Haiti in conjunction with the BWB Trade School Project in Port-au-Prince.