Bella Bella


Builders Without Borders [BWB] have been engaged to advise on Project Management, Construction and logistics for the construction of eight “Tiny Homes” [384 sq. ft.] in Bella Bella in the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada. The work is being carried out in close cooperation with the Heiltsuk First Nation Tribal Council and the University of British Columbia. The project is fully supported by funding acquired by the Heiltsuk First Nation with some assistance from UBC and is anticipated to be completed in Fall of 2019. Full project funding has been secured from Indigenous and Northern Affairs [INAC] and the Federal Government Reconciliation Committee.

Builders Without Borders has a $10,000 budget from UBC for work on the project, mainly through arranging for retired construction supervisors to work on training the local staff in construction skills through the duration of the building programme. An increased budget would enhance our ability to service this important project, therefore BWB is seeking more contributions.

We currently have four foundations completed and framing of four houses near completion.

Furthermore, BWB is actively working with UBC, FPInnovations and the Heiltsuk Nation on potential repeat of this type of building programme in other locations in British Columbia.